Combination of Rice (Oryza sativa)-Kecipir (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) to increase tempe kecipir quality

Wiwit Estuti (Jurusan gizi Poltekkes, Padang)


Tempe is very famous fermentation food in this reseaIndonesia and it were varied. One of them named Tempe kecipir. It content protein with limiting amino acids are methionine and cystine. Combination kecipir with rise on making of tempe can increase essential amino acids in the product, especially cystine and methionine. This research aim to know effect of addition by for rice quality of tempe kecipir with three treatments. This research used two way observation there are organoleptic test and amino acids analysis by literature. The result were significantly in colour and flavour in organoleptic test. Addition of 30% rice tempe kecipir is more likely in colour but in flavour, its better in addition of 10% rice. The texture and taste were not significantly. The best tempe kecipir in this research is addition of 30% rice, and it has 100 % amino acids value with better in colour.


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