Studi Etnobotani dan Potensi Nutrisi Daun Sariawan (Symplocos odorantissima(BL) Choisy)

Purwiyano Hariyadi dan Daissy Irawan

(Fak.Tek. Pertanian IPB, PS. Tek.Pangan, Fak.Tek.Industri Petanian UNPAD)


Sariawan, Seriawan, or Ki Sariawan leaf is traditional vegetable of west Java. Unfortunately, its availability is approaching extinction. This research was aimed to collect some ethnobotanical information and nutrient data before it becomes totally extinct. For the ethnobotanical study, we analyzed information from 103 returned questioners. Our respondends were university students majoring in agriculture (71% of them were less than 30 years old, and 36 % of them came from West Java). Surprisingly, none of the students knew that sariawan leaf could be consumed as food. The vegetable does rarely found, even in Bogor Market. The fact is very alarming; because in developing country a species will easily extinct when people do not longer recognize its benefit.

Our nutrient analysis revealed that Sariawan leaf is a very good β-carotene source (99.1 ppm), which is higher than fresh carrot (48.2 ppm; Zakaria et al., 2000). It also has considerable amount of folic acid (44.6 ppm). Besides, our literature study revealed that this plant has many health benefits related to wound healing. Many researchers are still necessary to reveal its potencial benefits and to utilize them before it does physically extinct.


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